We appeal to all Macedonian Australians to join the broad coalition of organizations from across Australia in marking this year’s Macedonian National Independence Day with a rally in front of the Macedonian Embassy in Canberra.

Let us demonstrate our unwavering solidarity and commitment to Macedonian national self-determination and sovereignty, founded upon the indigenous, historical, cultural, linguistic, ethnic and freedom-fighting heritage of our shared Macedonian homeland, which is divided by the state borders of the Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Albania and Bulgaria.

Let us send a thunderous message to the coalition of corrupt quislings and anti-Macedonian extremists who have usurped the Republic of Macedonia from its sovereign citizens, as well as their domestic and foreign collaborators, that:

1. We will never recognize the unlawful and oppressive state they call “Republic of North Macedonia”, which was declared and imposed through fraudulent usurpation of state institutions, criminal disregard for the rule of law and violent suppression of the sovereignty and human rights of the Macedonian people.

2. We will never recognize their unlawfully imposed ‘North’ constitution, by which they establish systematic denial and suppression of the Macedonian people’s nationhood, including the democratic will of its sovereign citizens, as directly expressed in the independence referendum of 8 September 1991, and reaffirmed by the successful boycott of the anti-Macedonian referendum of 30 September 2018.

3. We will never recognize the unlawful constitution by which they purport to establish a puppet state called “Republic of North Macedonia”, while abolishing the Macedonian Republic and its legitimate constitution, as founded upon centuries of liberation struggle, epitomized by the Ilinden Uprising of 1903, and the resolutions of the Anti-Fascist Assembly of the People’s Liberation of Macedonia, of 2 August 1944.

4. We will never recognize as valid their unlawful and oppressive deals with Greece, Bulgaria, Albanian extremists, or any other foreign nation, by which they purport to deny the fact that Macedonians are entitled to all of the human rights and freedoms guaranteed equally to all members of humanity by the United Nations’ Bill of Rights.

5. We well never recognize as legitimate the racist and oppressive ‘Ohrid Framework Agreement’, which systematically violates the equality of all citizens before the law, and establishes the segregation of state institutions along ethnic party lines, while rewarding a mob of murderous gangsters, kidnappers, rapists, terrorists and racists (“a bunch of murderous thugs” and “extremists”, as former NATO Secretary-General George Robertson called the Macedonian wing of the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army”, in 2001, before the deal that turned them into the political party ‘DUI’), and ultimately establishing them as an overriding partner in the Macedonian state, free from the law and even from prosecution for crimes against humanity.

6. We will never recognize the unlawful abolition of the one and only freely adopted flag of the sovereign Republic of Macedonia and its purported replacement with a flag coercively imposed on the Macedonian people, to satisfy the anti-Macedonian policies of a foreign state.

7. We will never accept as legitimate the anti-Macedonian and oppressive “Interim Agreement” between the governments of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, of 13 September 1995, which set the foundations for the unlawful and morally repugnant suppression of the Macedonian indigenous identity and the Macedonian Republic’s sovereignty, that culminated with the so-called “Prespa Agreement” of 12 June 2018.

On 8 September 2019, let us mark the Day of Independence of the Macedonian Republic by standing united and dignified before the corrupt and treacherous saboteurs of that independence. Let us symbolically demonstrate that the Macedonian people are worthy of their national independence and of the courageous ancestors who lived, died, risked and sacrificed their lives for it.

Igor A. Aleksandrov
Macedonian Orthodox Community of Australia

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